In the section of cereals, we currently have foxtail cereal grain that is low in fat and high in dietary fibre, minerals, vitamins and protein. The yellow, tiny seeds can be easily cooked and digested. 
Indian Pulse
Stock your pantry with the best range of Indian pulses to make dal, dosa, dhokla and many other Indian dishes. Our company supplies pulses which are easy to cook and taste delicious. 
Medical Disposables
Buy from us medical disposables, 100% safe and effective personal protective equipment to prevent cross infection. These are mainly used by healthcare workers, including doctors, nurses and other professionals.
Our company also started with the supply of rice; a staple food consumed by people all over the world. There are many regional and international recipes in which rice is used. In India, rice is used mainly for making pulav, jeera rice, boiled rice, coconut rice, curd rice and kheer. 
Our company in the section of beverages provides tea. Most widely consumed beverage in India, the black tea can be made in so many ways. Many people prefer their tea without milk and sugar, while many prefer with milk and sugar.